Tournament Weekend 2019

The official Website of the Ciaran Shannon Memorial 7s Tournament

Competition Rules
Ciarán Shannon Cup 2019

  1. Each Team shall have max of 10 players 7 players will be on the field of play during the game.
  2. Each half will be 10 minutes per half Substitutes can be made as often as they want but will have to be made through a gate at the half way line where a baton will be passed to the player coming off.
  3. The winning Team is awarded 2pts for the win in the case of a draw it will be 1pt per team
  4. Pitch size 90mtrs/45mtrs
  5. The competition shall be run on a group basis proceeding to knock-out stages
  6. If Teams finish level on points, score difference will determine the group winner.
  7. If score difference is the same the team with the highest goals is the winner
  8. In the event of a draw in a knock-out game, a penalty shootout shall take place. Penalty shoot-out. 3 players are selected, each team takes 3 penalties.
  9. If score remains level, sudden death penalties will be taken until there is a winner. Only goals can be scored. Normal GAA rules will be applied .i.e. a player sent off cannot be replaced
  10. Back passes are permitted
  11. In each half there will be an airhorn sounded. A yellow/orange ball will be introduced by the discretion of the sideline official.
  12. This ball will stay in play, until it goes dead. If a team scores with this ball, this will result in double score for that team.
  13. There will be no mark
  14. 45s are taken from the halfway line
  15. Goal kicks are from the hand